Alternative & Innovative Investment Strategies for Pension Funds


13 September 2018
London – Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel



Alternative & Innovative Investment Strategies

08.45    :    Registration and Coffee


09.15    :    Welcome & Opening Remarks


TrevorTrevor Cook, Managing Director, Specialist Pension Services





09.20   :      Session 1:  Overview and Review: Challenges and Solutions


  Moderator: tbc





Himanshu ChaturvediHimanshu Chaturvedi, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates


Overview from a Pension Fund Perspective





Mark Greenwood, Senior Portfolio Manager, Old Mutual Global Investors


The hidden risks of negatively skewed portfolios

With equity and credit markets looking increasingly expensive, pension fund investors are understandably becoming wary of downside risks. Heightened volatility and continued overweight to traditional asset classes are making portfolios vulnerable to even small shocks and Chief Investment Officers and Trustees alike have to consider ways of protecting their portfolios against adverse market moves. This session will discuss why the skew of portfolio returns matters and how some strategies that benefit from heightened volatility and crowding can seek to improve the overall performance of pension funds by offering genuine diversification from traditional assets and downside protection.


Andrew Robertson, Principal & Managing Director, Christofferson, Robb & Co.


Risk Sharing Transactions with Banks (RST's)

Cashflow driven investments from income generating notes; Uncorrelated to markets. Core European countries have SME's at the beating heart of their economy. SME debt is arguably better originated and managed by local bank branches vs foreign non-bank direct lending platforms.



11.00     :    Coffee/Tea


11.30     :    Session 2: Risk Management Strategies 


Huw EvansModerator: Huw Evans, Trustee Executive and Member of the Board, BESTrustees





 Speaker to be confirmed, Aviva Investors


Framework and Journey Plan for De-Risking

Focus on illiquid asset strategies and how these will impact end investment plan for maturing pension funds.



Matthew BullockMatthew BullockInvestment Director, Global Multi-Asset Strategies, Wellington Management International


Alternative Risk Premia: Is it as complicated as it sounds?

Structuring growth assets to provide liquid, attractive risk-adjusted returns at competitive fees is a key objective of many schemes as they continue to derisk. A well-constructed Alternative Risk Premia strategy should be able to deliver these characteristics, and offer smoother, more consistent returns over time. However, the world of Alternative Risk Premia is shrouded in jargon. In this presentation, we are going to peel back the layers of jargon and expose what is under the bonnet of an Alternative Risk Premia strategy. What is it and why do you need it? How do you use it? Are all strategies the same? What should you look for when evaluating options? We will answer all these questions and more during the session.


12.45    :     Drinks and Lunch  


14.00    :     Session 3: Alternative Investment Opportunities & Pension Fund Insights


Moderator: tbc





Joseph Devine, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer - Emerging Market Equity, Macquarie Investment Management


Emerging Markets Small Caps

 Across the emerging markets landscape, small-caps are showing attractive risk adjusted return potential, deep inefficiencies and the ability to provide access to unique investment opportunities. When choosing Emerging Market assets, many investors tend to focus on companies at the higher end of the capitalisation spectrum. In doing so, they overlook the potential that small-cap companies can offer. This session will look at the unique attributes of Emerging Markets Small Caps that include: 1. Lower correlations to global risk factors; 2. Exposure to a growing consumer base; 3. Market inefficiencies that can give active managers increased opportunity to generate alpha; 4. A focus on local economies. As a result, when Emerging Market small-caps are added to an otherwise diversified portfolio, they may offer deeper opportunities for diversification and positive long-term returns.



Jochen BaltesJochen Baltes, Managing Director, KGAL Group



Aviation Leasing as a Secure Income Strategy: A real opportunity to help with a Pension Fund's Flightpath

With the need for maturing funds to set investment strategies that need help to meet their on-going liabilities, there is a search on for opportunities to invest in assets that will provide stable and secure cash flows. Traditionally, Real Estate has been a "go to" source of income, particuarly where tenants have committed to long-term leases. In this session we will explore the opportunity to consider aircraft as another source of secure income.  Drawing on KGAL's 40 years of experience in aviation, transacting on over 700 aircraft, we will outline the growth in the industry and how it is possible to structure long term leases, on readily marketable aircraft, to generate a secure income stream that could compliment other allocations, and help provide diversification across a portfolio.


15.15     :    Coffee/Tea


15.30     :     Pension Fund Insights


A panel of pension schemes executives will talk about which alternative investment strategies they have incorporated into their investment process. Panelists to include: 



Mark HedgesMark Hedges, Chief Investment Officer, Nationwide Pension Fund Trustee Ltd.





Yodia LoYodia Lo, Senior Alternatives Analyst, Church Commissioners for England




 Mark Lyon, Head of Equities and Alternatives, Border to Coast Pensions Partnership





16.15   :    Drinks Reception & Close of Conference


This conference aims to examine the role of alternative and innovative investment strategies in diversifying risks and improving returns. Pension funds will gain an insight into whether such strategies can be employed to help improve their funding status and/or to meet specific income requirements. We will also seek to address practical issues such as liquidity, fees, transparency and implementation. 


The conference is by invitation only for pension funds and other institutional investors. If you are not already receiving an invitation please contact us. A limited number of Complimentary invitations are usually available to genuine pension fund representatives (executives and trustees) and other approved institutional investors. However, to ensure we have room for as many funds as possible, we have to limit free places to 2 attendees per approved organisation thereafter a reduced rate fee is payable per delegate. Furthermore, SPS always reserves the right of admission (free or paid) and our decision is final.



Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, London

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The hotel is located on the north side of Piccadilly, close to Piccadilly Circus, only two minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus underground station.




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