Pam Taylor  UK & Ireland Group Pensions Manager - BASF

Pam is the UK and Ireland Group Pension Manager for BASF and heads up BASF’s in house pension team. She has over 30 year’s pension experience in a variety of roles which, other than a couple of years with Mercer, have been in house. She joined BASF in 2000 and she and her team cover all aspects of the Company’s pension benefit provision. However Pam tends to concentrate on mergers and acquisitions, benefit strategy, funding and investment of BASF’s £1.5bn pension arrangements. The BASF UK Group Pension Scheme is a sectionalised Scheme with two DB Sections (one closed and one closing at the end of 2015) with two DC Sections offering future service benefits (one since 1998). There are approximately 12,000 members, the majority of which are deferred and pensioner members.



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