Peter Vaughan  Group Head of Pensions - Nuclear Decommissiong Authority

Peter is Group Head of Pensions at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and is responsible for DB and DC schemes with combined assets of £4 billion.  Within this role he has led work to develop and implement new investment strategies.  He has also been Chairman of the GPS Pension Scheme.His early career was in the biotechnology industry before moving to the UK civil service Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) where he held a number of finance posts including Deputy Director Nuclear and Coal Liabilities.  He led the DTI’s sponsorship of British Coal pensions, and served on the investment committees of the British Coal Staff Superannuation Scheme and the Mineworkers Pension Scheme.  Peter holds a PhD in Microbiology and an MBA from Imperial College London, and is a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute.



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