Srikanya Yathip  Chief Strategy Officer - Government Pension Fund (GPF), Thailand 

Prior to joining GPF,  Dr Srikanya. Yathip spent more than 10 years studying and working in Japan and the United Kingdom. Upon returning to her home country, she spent most of her time working in a well-recognized Japanese advertising agency and finished her advertising career as Managing Director and Regional Strategy Director, the only Thai woman ever been in that position. Upon joining GPF, Dr. Srikanya was assigned to play a key role in developing and communicating member investment choices, including life-path choice to GPF’s plan members. Dr. Srikanya also developed various kinds of investment games helping plan members to understand GPF’s operations including SAA, asset risk-return, business, investment cycle and etc. Currently she is working on using communication technology to personalize plan member communication. Her current position at Government Pension Fund, Thailand is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Being a CSO, Dr.Srikanya’s role in GPF is a part-thinker and part-doer. On a thinking part, she has to come up with new strategic moves to support dual long-term objectives of the fund, i.e., building up both financial returns and social returns. On a doer part, she has to ensure that the executions of strategy move toward the objectives. Her current focus is on ESG investment-the ambitious she aims to bring GPF to become the leader in ESG Investing and Initiatives in Thailand.



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