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SPS Nordic Institutional Investors’: ESG & Impact Investment

October 18, 2022

7A Strandvagen, Stockholm


This conference, conducted in English, will explore a range of sustainable/Impactful/ESG compliant
investment options, both public and private, looking at how these can be integrated into the investment
management processes of Swedish and other Nordic pension funds and other institutional investors. We
also aim to consider issues such as the impact of regulatory and geopolitical pressures, transparency,
benchmarks, reporting, technology and performance measurement as well as other local investment


Full details to be announced

This will be a full day conference with approximate timings of:




Conference start


Conference start


End of conference followed by drinks reception

Speakers and topics to include:


Brunno Maradei

Global Head of RI

Aegon Asset Management

How to manage a meaningful impact strategy?

•    What are the challenges?
•    What are the guiding principles?
•    How does it look like one of our current strategies? 


Niklasson Therese.jpg

Newton Investment Management

Social impact in Emerging Markets

•    Discuss the link between the E and the S in ‘ESG’
•    Discuss the importance of emerging markets and avoiding divestment
•    Active engagement in emerging markets


Global Head of Sustainable Investment

Ploeg John.jpg

VP & Co-Head of ESG Research

PGIM Fixed Income

The climate case for investing in EMD

Climate standards and policies in emerging markets are, on a whole, lagging many developed markets. However, this is not a reason not to invest. Emerging markets are crucial to the low carbon transition, and they are also where many of the biggest climate opportunities can be found. For investors looking to make a climate impact, emerging markets are not to be ignored.

Hoxha Ella bio.jpg

Senior Portfolio Manager

Pictet Asset Management

“Decarbonising portfolios; a sovereigns approach”?

Why focus on government bonds?

  • Governments set the rules and regulations that companies and individuals follow

  • Without their support and investment, the world will not be able to tackle its most pressing problems – climate change in particular.

How might fixed income investors construct government bond portfolios in a way that has biggest possible impact in the fight against climate change?

  •  Focus to be most impactful

climate-focused sovereign debt portfolio shouldn’t focus exclusively on green bonds.


CIO and Fund Manager

Mandarine Gestion

Global Climate Transition Equities

Major aspects of this presentation will be :
a.    The climate urgency
b.    Our vision
c.    An investment theme conducive to active portfolio management


McCagg Andrew_edited.jpg

Portfolio Manager

Nomura Asset Management

Japanese Equities Market

Focusing on Japan. Challenges faced

Moderators to include:



Christina Olivecrona

Senior Sustainability Advisor

Olivecrona Sustainability AB


The conference is by invitation only for pension funds and other institutional investors and we welcome new attendees from these investors. Therefore if you are not already receiving an invitation please contact us. A limited number of Complimentary invitations are available to genuine pension fund representatives (executives and trustees) and other approved institutional investors. However, to ensure we have room for as many funds as possible, we have to limit free places to 3 attendees per approved organisation thereafter a reduced rate fee is payable per delegate. Furthermore, SPS always reserves the right of admission (free or paid) and our decision is final.


7A Strandvagen

Strandvägen 7

114 56 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)8-586 107 00

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