Local Authority Pension Fund Investment Issues

July 30, 2020

London – Le Meridien Piccadilly, London


This conference aims to provide an update on pooling, assessing its success to date and reviewing the opportunities and challenges it has created for funds and pools alike. We will seek to consider the outlook for a broad range of investment and asset allocation strategies including strategies designed to deliver growth, income or liability risk management, as well as factors such as ESG, political and geopolitical impact, transparency, cost and accessibility.


Local Authority Pension Fund Investment Issues


Registration and coffee


Welcome and opening remarks

Cook Trevor 2019_edited.jpg

Managing Director

Specialist Pension Services


Session 1: Equity Protection and Income



IIndependent Investment Advisor

LGPS Funds

Moura Pedro bio_edited.jpg

Head of Risk Managed Investments


Managing Equity Downside Risk

With many local authority pension funds continuing to hold large equity allocations, the increase in market volatility has become a concern.  Is it possible to protect against market uncertainty whilst remaining invested in equities to meet your growth objectives?  This presentation will be discussing how equity protection strategies can give you peace of mind.  By avoiding potential market shocks and managing the downside risk in your equity portfolio you can be more confident in the stability of your equity assets as you head into your triennial valuation and beyond




Multisector Credit: Income for the late-cycle

  • In a late-cycle environment of lower yields and increased volatility, multisector credit’s dynamic rotation across higher-yielding credit sectors offers the potential to generate higher risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than equities

  • Considering sustainability and ESG factors to create a responsible way of investing in fixed income may have increasing importance in today’s market

  • We are optimistic in our search for yield and favor assets with some of the highest spreads among their respective risk categories, including US bank loans, CoCos, global high yield, emerging markets debt, and parts of the structured finance universe.




Session 2: Alternatives


Moderator to be advised




Head of UK Residential Investment

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Home truths: What can Residential Investment truly provide the income focussed investor?

As investors pivot away from traditional real estate asset classes such as retail and offices, what strategies can institutional investors employ to best fit their return requirements without increasing their risk tolerance? This presentation will look across the residential investment spectrum to focus on those sub-sectors best positioned to deliver long term, durable income streams.


Portfolio Manager

T. Rowe Price

EM Debt in a Low Yield World

The amount of global debt trading at negative yields has more than doubled since October last year to $13.75 trillion. With the negative yield environment likely to persist, where can pension schemes find attractive income? Our speaker will explore the changes that long-term institutional investors should consider for their asset allocation mix and how Emerging Market Local Debt can offer rewards in the form of income, liquidity, potential growth and diversification of risk


Drinks and lunch


Session 3: ESG



Senior Advisor, MJ Hudson

Director, Pensions for Purpose

Weisbach Jonas_edited.jpg

ESG Analyst

Union Investment

SDG Investing – How to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals Investible

  • General introduction to the SDG and their relevance for asset managers

  • The SDG Investment Case – making the SDG investible through investments in sustainable business models

  • From ESG integration to SDG integration – tools and methods to integrate the SDG into investment management processes

  • Engagement – positive impact through active corporate dialogue on the SDG and sustainability


Managing Director, Infrastructure Equity

Intermediate Capital Group

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

Impact investing through sustainable infrastructure. Using SDGs to guide sustainable private market investments. Understanding the opportunities available and managing the risks.




Session 4: Stewardship Code & Panel Session 



To be advised




Corporate Governance & Stewardship

Financial Reporting Council

The New UK Stewardship Code: Redefining Stewardship for the 21st Century

The new UK Stewardship Code took effect from 1 January 2020. Hear about the key changes to the Code, what it is seeking to achieve and the expectations for pension funds and pools applying the Code

Panel Session - Implementing Responsible Investment & Other Priorities for 2020

Panellist will discuss their approaches to ESG investment; and practical implementation; the work of the LGA Scheme advisory board; and other key priorities for 2020. 

Panellists to include:

Holloway Bob 80x100.jpg

Pensions Secretary

Local Government Association


Group Manager Treasury & Investments

London Borough of Ealing


Tri-Borough Director of Treasury and Pensions 

Westminster City Council

Wallach Peter 80x100.jpg

Director of Pensions 

Merseyside Pension Fund


Drinks reception and close of conference


The conference is by invitation only for pension funds and other institutional investors. If you are not already receiving an invitation please contact us. A limited number of Complimentary invitations are usually available to genuine pension fund representatives (executives and trustees) and other approved institutional investors. However, to ensure we have room for as many funds as possible, we have to limit free places to 2 attendees per approved organisation thereafter a reduced rate fee is payable per delegate. Furthermore, SPS always reserves the right of admission (free or paid) and our decision is final.

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