SPS Fiduciary Management, OCIO & Investment Governance Conference

May 19, 2022

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The Dilly, London


Gain insights from leading industry experts on a range of fiduciary management, OCIO and investment governance solutions. We’ll be examining these topics from an investment and practical perspective, and discussing issues such as selection and monitoring, ESG considerations, cost management and transparency. There will be case studies from pension funds and professional trustees to ensure the key questions and priorities are being covered. With a focus on pension fund attendees, the conference will also provide plenty of opportunities for friendly discussions and networking with your peers.


This will be a full day conference with approximate timings of:




Session One: 

Kerr Andre_edited.jpg


André Kerr

Head of Fiduciary Oversight

XPS Pensions


Director & Co-Founder

PiRho Investment Consulting

What good investment governance looks like today

  • What does good governance look like and how it’s used to make more informed decisions

  • How can trustees manage their existing workload and stay on track with requirements and responsibilities

  • Trends in investment governance – is fiduciary management/consolidation inevitable for most schemes

Francis Ed_edited.jpg

Managing Director UK Fiduciary


Transitioning to a low carbon global economy: The investment required and the role institutional investors and fiduciary managers can play

•    Share views on the opportunities and challenges of a growing industry that has the potential to strengthen economic growth and secure greater energy independence, while reducing the impacts of climate change.
•    This transition presents an enormous challenge given the significant capital required to transform economies that have been reliant on an energy system that has been largely fossil-fuel based. 
•    A successful transition will require close coordination between investors and asset managers.


Coffee Break


Session Two: 



Gerald Wellesley

Trustee Director

Punter Southall


Schroders Solutions

How to create a seamless journey to buyout with Fiduciary Management

It always pays to plan ahead, and mapping your journey to buyout is no different. Ajeet Manjrekar explains how to create investment strategies that retain flexibility but build towards a low risk, 'transaction ready' portfolio, so you are ready to act when the opportunity arises.

Head of UK Client Solutions

Rae David 2022.jpg

Russell Investments

How to turn a supertanker: How fiduciary management can solve the challenges of illiquid investments

Long-term illiquid investments have been and remain a crucial component of pension fund portfolios. David Rae discusses how a fiduciary management solution can ensure that pension funds continue to benefit from the return and risk management opportunities of illiquid assets in a world of changing circumstances and evolving requirements. The session will explore how to integrate illiquid investments and how to manage portfolios as end game and ESG considerations evolve.

Head of Strategic Client Solutions




Session Three: 

Smart Fraser 2021_edited.jpg


Fraser Smart


SmartCats Consulting

Gillon Anne-Marie_edited.jpg

Head of Research

IC Select

Fiduciary management: Post CMA what’s currently happening in the UK?

Based on surveys and research, this talk will look at what is happening in the UK market and include issues such as retendering, advice, oversight and costs/fees.

Ramnath Keira-Marie_edited.jpg

Head of Fiduciary Management


The rise of OCIO in the UK

Pension Fund case studies and panel session

  • The decision and process of moving to an OCIO

  • Fiduciary management from the client perspective

Hogg Chris_edited.jpg


National Grid UK Pension Trustees


Client Director

Capital Cranfield






The conference is by invitation only for pension funds and other institutional investors and we welcome new attendees from these investors. Therefore if you are not already receiving an invitation please contact us. A limited number of Complimentary invitations are available to genuine pension fund representatives (executives and trustees) and other approved institutional investors. However, to ensure we have room for as many funds as possible, we have to limit free places to 3 attendees per approved organisation thereafter a reduced rate fee is payable per delegate. Furthermore, SPS always reserves the right of admission (free or paid) and our decision is final.

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The Dilly Hotel, London

21 Piccadilly

London W1 0BH

Hotel Tel: +44 (0)20 7734 8000


The hotel is located on the north side of Piccadilly, close to Piccadilly Circus, only two minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus underground station.

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