Property & Infrastructure Investment Strategies for Pension Funds 

October 10, 2019

London – Le Meridien Piccadilly, London


This conference will take a broad look at the investment opportunities available to Pension Funds in the property and infrastructure sectors, both direct and indirect, liquid and illiquid, quoted and unquoted. After reviewing recent performance we aim to examine the prospects of the various approaches as well as to consider how they can be used to best achieve pension funds' specific risk and return objectives. We will also seek to address related practical issues such as incorporating ESG factors, liquidity constraints, risk management, transparency requirements whilst controlling fees and other costs.


Property & Infrastructure Investment Strategies for Pension Funds


Registration and coffee


Welcome and opening remarks

Trevor Cook.jpg

Trevor Cook

Managing Director

Specialist Pension Services


Session 1: Global & UK Real Estate



Independent Consultant

Hamilton Oliver 2019 bio_edited.jpg


The Townsend Group, an AON Company

Global Perspectives on Real Estate Investing

Institutional investors remain acutely focused on high levels of economic uncertainty. Taken together with the cyclical nature of real estate, many are asking what this means, and where opportunities lie, for their portfolios. This session will share views on the global outlook for real estate markets, explore the different investment themes emerging around the world and consider why now could be a good time to consider global real estate investments.


Head of UK Real Estate

Credit Suisse Asset Management

UK Commercial Real Estate

A look at different sectors and trends/dynamics in the industry. View on Brexit and impact on commercial real estate. Case study on key sectors.




Session 2: UK Income & Capital Strategies



Trustee Executive


Legge Tim bio_edited.jpg

Fund Manager, Investment Committee and Investment Team

Tritax Group

Active Income Investing in the UK into the 2020s

  • Income remains the main driver of ungeared real estate returns in the UK

  • The drivers behind why real estate sector returns are at their most diverse in a decade

  • How global megatrends continue to shape Real Estate sectors

  • Recent yield compression has made annuity and prime investing a more difficult strategy to execute and successfully secure value

  • “Active” income investing incorporates the potential to improve the asset and income stream


Fund Manager

M&G Real Estate

Capturing Value: Timing and Specialist Expertise

At a time of record low bond yields and diminishing core real estate returns, forecast to be 4.3% per annum over the next five years, the case for investing in a UK value-add strategy backed by a strong component of income is becoming more compelling.  Heightened risk aversion and market uncertainty is dominating sentiment during the ongoing Brexit negotiations. This is creating volatility in the capital markets and a divergence of pricing between core and non-core assets. The lack of development activity across the sectors for the past ten years has severely restricted supply levels. The fundamental demand/supply imbalance across the occupational markets supports the case for taking income risk. This presents an opportunity to target fundamentally well–located non-core assets then actively asset manage the real estate to add income, extend the lease-term and enhance the capital value over time to dispose into an improved property market.


Drinks and lunch


Session 3: Infrastructure

Walton James 2019.jpg


Sector Specialist - Global Real Estate

MJ Hudson Allenbridge

Butani Anish 2019_edited.jpg

Director Infrastructure


Infrastructure Investment: The Experiences of Investors

Infrastructure is attractive to pension investors because it can offer downside protection, diversification, inflation protection in addition to a stable income stream. It is however also seen as a complex investment and difficult to access for many investors. How are UK investors accessing infrastructure and what are their experiences to date? How do they compare with investors in  other countries, such as Australia? What are the current trends and challenges in infrastructure investing for UK investors of different sizes?


Nuclear Development Director

EDF Energy

EDF Energy: Sizewell C

Nuclear energy is receiving renewed interest as an attractive proposition for funds and an ESG compliant model for future low carbon energy investment in the UK. Since infrastructure became accessible to private investors, its popularity has grown almost exponentially. Last year, global fundraising for privately owned or ‘unlisted’ infrastructure projects reached a new record level $85 billion in 2018. EDF’s Sizewell C nuclear power station is a new opportunity for pension fund investment




Session 4: ESG Issues & Pension Fund Insights

Scott Keith_edited.jpg



LawDeb Pension Trustees


Senior Investment Consultant

Willis Towers Watson

ESG in Property and Infrastructure Investment

Private market investments offer different challenges for investors considering ESG issues. This talk will look how ESG considerations can be taken into account when investing in property and infrastructure.

Pension Fund Insight

Case study perspective in these asset classes from one of the largest UK pension funds.

Dowdall Paddy_edited.jpg

Assistant Executive Director, Pensions

Greater Manchester Pension Fund


Drinks reception and close of conference


The conference is by invitation only for pension funds and other institutional investors. If you are not already receiving an invitation please contact us. A limited number of Complimentary invitations are usually available to genuine pension fund representatives (executives and trustees) and other approved institutional investors. However, to ensure we have room for as many funds as possible, we have to limit free places to 2 attendees per approved organisation thereafter a reduced rate fee is payable per delegate. Furthermore, SPS always reserves the right of admission (free or paid) and our decision is final.


Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, London

21 Piccadilly

London W1 0BH

Hotel Tel: 08700 400 8400

Hotel Fax: 020 7437 3574


The hotel is located on the north side of Piccadilly, close to Piccadilly Circus, only two minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus underground station.

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