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Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS


Tobacco Free Portfolios, UK & Europe

Dr Melsom completed her first degree in Genetics at University College London, following which she pursued an extensive career in advertising, commercial media negotiations, and was a Partner at corporate communications advisors Brunswick LLP in London. She founded Medical Matrix Consulting whilst studying Medicine in London and has, for over a decade,has been advising independent medical businesses on company structure, commercial development and strategy, and practicing as a Doctor in Elderly Care at Worthing Hospital. Developing TobaccoFreePortfolios work in the UK & Europe since 2016, Rachel has led their European stakeholder engagement with leading banks, asset managers, pension funds and insurers in adopting tobacco-free finance, and hosted multiple private roundtables and in-house presentations to finance leaders across Europe and Asia. Dr Melsom recently led a research project kindly funded by Generation Foundation, and executed by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics – Tobacco: Reviewing the Growing Financial Risks.

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