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Eric Bot

Board member and Secretary

Stichting Pension fund SNS Reaal

Eric (1964) studied Economic Law at the Alkmaar High School, and then studied tax law at the University of Amsterdam. Eric obtained an Executive MBA in Food and Finance at the prestigious Nyenrode Business University. He has worked at insurance company Zwitserleven since 1996 in various positions, where he was appointed Manager Compliance in 2007. As Senior Compliance Officer, he currently focuses mainly on Zwitserleven’ s pension business. He also a board member - and is also secretary - of Stichting Pension fund SNS Reaal.

Eric is involved in various courses and training in the field of Pensions and Compliance. He also gives presentations and has published various articles and publications on Compliance and/or Pension related topics. Since June 2015, he has an additional position as a supervisory director at LTO companies BV in the agro-food sector. He also provides lessons for the Netherlands Compliance Institute (NCI) on one of his specialisms, the Product Approval & Review Process (PARP) and duty of care.
In January 2021, he started the Pension law course at the VU Law Academy, of the Vrije University in Amsterdam. He wrote a thesis for the completion of this course, of which the Board of Examiners indicated the following: "We would also like to congratulate Mr. Bot in particular on obtaining the VvPJ award. This award is for the thesis with the greatest contribution to new insights into current pension issues". He wrote a thesis with a refreshing analysis of the content of duties of care and invention of the Pyramid of Bot. Eric has the ambition to continuously develop and keeps looking forward to new challenges and/or new developments.

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