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Gunnela Hahn

Head of Responsible Investment

Church of Sweden

Gunnela Hahn is Head of Sustainable Investment at the Church of Sweden since 2008, where she has built up the structures and content of the over one-billion-euro portfolio. Especially the comprehensive climate divest-invest strategy, starting in 2008, has met vast interest in the investment community in Sweden and internationally. Gunnela is also dedicated to seeking opportunities and overcome hurdles for the investment community to make their part in building the climate economy and resilient societies. She is engaged in various investor groups aiming to create new investment products and drive change.

Previously, she worked eight years as a senior sustainability analyst at Folksam Insurance Group and as a consultant before that. She was one of the founders of Swesif, the Swedish Sustainable Investment Forum, served for many years at the board, and after that chairs the election committee. She has also served at the board of Ekobanken, a small, sustainable bank. In the past, Gunnela worked as a sustainability consultant for private companies as well as various public institutions. For ten years she was on the board of a major public health care provider. Today, she is on the board of Transparency International Sweden. In that role, she has led the creation of Investors Integrity Forum, a new platform for investors who want to focus more on anti-corruption issues in investee companies.

Her academic degrees are in international economics and business administration with environmental focus, science, and practical philosophy.

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