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Carlota Garcia-Manas

Senior Responsible Investment Analyst

Royal London Asset Management

Carlota heads the engagement function and climate strategy at RLAM. Carlota joined RLAM in 2019 from the Church of England National Investing Bodies, where she spent three years running high profile corporate engagements focused on climate change, international corporate tax, and board diversity (among others). Before joining the Church of England, she was the Director of Products and Services at a tech start-up (Datamaran, formerly eRevalue) where she led the research team to develop software for sustainability benchmarking. Prior to that, she spent 10 years and was Head of Research at EIRIS (now Moody’s following its merger with Vigeo) where she led global ESG research and product development. Carlota has a deep interest in analytics and the integration of externalities (environmental and social) in corporate assessment. She uses techniques learned during her business development and sales role at eRevalue in her company engagements. Carlota is a Civil Engineer with an MSc in Environmental Economics.

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