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Pavan Bhardwaj

Trustee Director, Funding & Investment Lead

Ross Trustees

Pavan is the investment and funding lead at Ross Trustees. He draws upon a broad skill set to manage complex projects and implement strategic changes.
Pavan draws upon a broad skill-set to work closely with fellow trustees, employers and other advisers across a range of investment issues, with a particular focus on working with large defined benefit schemes with complex investment arrangements.

Pavan brings a deep technical understanding to trusteeship and works with boards and advisers to optimise investment strategies and performance. Given his strong investment background, he is able to challenge advisers and the ‘group-think’ which is sometimes prevalent within advisory teams. In a difficult economic climate, the presence of a trustee with genuine investment experience has proven of considerable benefit to his clients.

Pavan has been involved in some of Ross Trustees’ most complex liability management and restructuring work. He has led projects both as committee Chair and as professional corporate sole trustee, many involving frequent dialogue with the Pensions Regulator.

Pavan is part of Ross Trustees’ senior team. He is responsible for developing much of the firm’s thought leadership on topical investment issues and is a regular contributor to pensions press. He is a fully accredited professional pensions trustee with the Association of Professional Pension Trustees.

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