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Cees Harm van den Berg

Expert Strategist


Cees Harm is an Expert Strategist at APG Asset Management, with a focus on strategic portfolio construction. In this role he is responsible for the investment plans, including the strategic asset allocation, interest rate hedge policy and currency hedge policy, for several clients of APG Asset Management. Besides his main responsibility, he is heavily involved in all things related to the new pension agreement. This entails providing knowledge sessions (both internally and externally) and helping clients with decision making regarding the new contracts and all underlying details. Before starting at APG Asset Management, Cees Harm worked at Willis Towers Watson as an Investment Consultant for ten years. Besides his work, he recently completed his term as a board member and Vice President for the CFA Society VBA Netherlands, after being an event volunteer for over five years. After obtaining his Master’s degree in Finance from Tilburg University in 2007, Cees Harm decided to combine travel and study in Australia and enrolled in a Master’s degree in Economics at Macquarie University. He completed his Master’s degree with a ‘Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence’ in 2008 and then decided to return to the Netherlands to start his career at a derivatives trading firm. In June 2013 he completed the CFA program and is therefore a proud holder of the CFA title.

Media Partners

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September 17, 2024
Rosarium, Amsterdam
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September 26. 2024
Hotel Kämp, Helsinki
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October 9, 2024
Farmers and Fletchers in the City, London
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October 22, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors' Annual Conference, Stockholm
November 13, 2024
7A Strandvägen, Stockholm
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December 3. 2024
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January 15. 2025
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February 12. 2025
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March 4. 2025
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March 25. 2025
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April 10. 2025
SPS Nordic Sustainable Investment Conference, Stockholm
May14. 2025
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June 11. 2025
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June 19. 2025
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July 10. 2025
SPS Dutch Institutional Investors' Annual Conference
September 16. 2025
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors' Summit, Helsinki
September 25. 2025
SPS Local Authority Pension Funds' Topical Issues and Sustainable Investment Conference
October 22. 2025
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors' Annual Conference, Stockholm
November 5. 2025
SPS Current Investment Issues Conference
November 19. 2025
SPS DC Pension Funds Update
December 3. 2025
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