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Tegs Harding

Trustee Director / Head of Sustainability


Tegs is an established professional trustee with experience of working with pension schemes across a range of different sectors, including both DC and DB mastertrusts, DB, DC, and hybrid schemes. She is a qualified actuary and as such has a deep understanding of pension finance, risk, and the wider regulatory environment.
Prior to moving to Trusteeship, Tegs spent her career in investments, having previously worked as an investment consultant and on the sell side of an investment bank.

Tegs’ natural style is open, enthusiastic, and direct. She communicates effectively, simply, and clearly, working collaboratively with all stakeholders and advisers, whilst also offering strong decision-making skills, positive and supportive challenge, and an independent voice to her appointments.

Tegs is passionate about responsible investing and strongly believes that the way in which pension funds are invested impacts the future of our economy, our environment, and our society. She has experience of implementing net zero targets for pension schemes and as Chair of the APPT committee on ESG and climate change she is responsible for responding to consultations, liaising with DWP and TPR on ESG issues, implementing a training program for APPT members and raising awareness of best practice on ESG among APPT members. She is also a member of the Occupational Pension Scheme Council (OPSC) looking to improve stewardship standards. She will be able to leverage this experience to bring to the Board the latest thinking and disclosure standards.

Tegs is an Accredited Member of the APPT and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. She has the CFA certificate in ESG Investment.

Media Partners

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March 4. 2025
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March 25. 2025
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April 10. 2025
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May14. 2025
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June 19. 2025
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July 10. 2025
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September 16. 2025
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September 25. 2025
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October 22. 2025
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November 5. 2025
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November 19. 2025
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December 3. 2025
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