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Jill Davys

Managing Director, Head of LGPS


Jill is Head of LGPS at Redington, supporting LGPS funds to meets their strategic objectives by advising on strategic asset allocation, climate change and net zero, impact investing, and broader investment strategy. Redington advise a range of funds across the LGPS – led by Jill, with the support of the wider Redington LGPS team.
Having worked directly in the LGPS sector for 18 years at a senior level, Jill understands what it means to run an LGPS fund and the challenges they face. She regularly contributes to events, conferences, and roundtables, and is a strong advocate for responsible investing for delivering both sustainability and impact alongside the financial returns required to pay pensions.
Previously, Jill worked as a fund manager for over 20 years. Her primary focus was on equities, but she was also involved in strategic asset allocation and derivatives.

Media Partners

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SPS Local Authority Pension Funds’ Annual Investment Conference
February 14, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Annual Nordic Investment Conference, Copenhagen
March 5, 2024
Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
SPS ESG Investment & Current Issues Conference
March 13, 2024
SPS Annual Investment Strategies Conference
April 16, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Swiss Institutional Investors' Conference
April 25, 2024
SPS Nordic Sustainable Investment Conference
May 7, 2024
7A Strandvägen, Stockholm
SPS Alternative and Real Asset Investments Conference
May 16, 2024
SPS Irish Pension Funds' Annual Investment & Current Issues Conference
June 12, 2024
The Westbury, Dublin
SPS Fiduciary, OCIO and Investment Governance for Pension Funds
July 11, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Optimising Value in Bond Investments Conference, London
September 5, 2024
SPS Dutch Investors' Annual Investment & Current Issues Conference
September 17, 2024
SPS Finland Investors' Summit
September 26. 2024
SPS Sustainable Investments & Climate Change Issues Conference
October 9, 2024
SPS Local Authority Pension Funds' ESG & Current Issues Conference
October 22, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Current Investment Issues for Pension Funds
November 7, 2024
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors' Annual Conference, Stockholm
November 13, 2024
7A Strandvägen, Stockholm
SPS DC Pension Funds Update, London
December 10, 2024
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