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SPS Conferences is advised by a Committee of pension fund representatives.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to help the Executive improve the quality of SPS conferences and to make them as relevant as possible for pension fund managers and trustees.


Robin Smith

Group Head of Pension Funding & Investment

Rio Tinto

Robin is Rio Tinto’s Group Head of Pension Funding & Investment, based in the London head office and reporting to the Group Treasurer. He is responsible for ensuring that the Group’s financial risks in relation to pensions are understood and managed effectively with a focus on the Group’s largest pension plans which are situated in Canada, the UK, the US, Switzerland and Australia. He is also responsible to overseeing the financial reporting of pensions and other post-employment benefits under IAS19 for the Group’s financial statements. Robin and his team work closely with Rio Tinto’s benefits teams around the world. He sits on the investment committees for the Group’s major pension plans and also on the Group’s Global Benefits Committee.

Media Partners

Savvy Investor 2019.jpg
SPS Fiduciary, OCIO and Investment Governance for Pension Funds
July 11, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Dutch Pension Fund & Institutional Investors’ Annual Conference
September 17, 2024
Rosarium, Amsterdam
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors’ Summit, Helsinki
September 26. 2024
Hotel Kämp, Helsinki
SPS Sustainable Investments & Current Issues Conference
October 9, 2024
Farmers and Fletchers in the City, London
SPS Local Authority Pension Funds' ESG & Current Issues Conference
October 22, 2024
The View at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
SPS Nordic Institutional Investors' Annual Conference, Stockholm
November 13, 2024
7A Strandvägen, Stockholm
SPS DC Pension Funds Update
December 3. 2024
Farmers and Fletchers in the City, London
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